Thursday, July 14, 2005

US MotoGP Merch Online

Didn't get a chance to go see the US MotoGP at Laguna Seca? Neither did I. Want some MotoGP souveniers from the event?
MONTEREY, Calif. (July 13, 2005) – Due to the high demand on official souvenir outlets during last weekend’s Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, online event merchandise sales will be available while supplies last at Official event T-shirts and hats are being reordered, and a limited number of souvenir programs still remain.

Because long lines and merchandise sell-outs prevented a number of spectators at the event from getting the items they had hoped for, all shipping charges will be waived for Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix merchandise within the continental United States through July 20. Merchandise will still be available for sale after that date while supplies last, but shipping charges will apply.
Here's the direct link to the souvenier page, as it's not exactly easy to find.

Make sure to check out the poster if you haven't yet. It shows Rossi leading Hayden through a turn, which while expected, never happened.

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