Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Norton 952 Commando

The new Norton 952 Commando is, for myself, the thing that dreams are made of. From the Norton website:
This modern roadster reflects the soul of the original machine. Classic sculptural forms are combined with raw functionalism, laying beautiful shapes over a structural frame and muscular motor; resulting in a visual language that is both sensual and purposeful. With a very narrow waist and curves in just the right places, the 952 is a bike that feels as good as it looks.
This is the kind of project that makes other vintage re-workings such as the new Triumph Bonneville seem sub-par by comparison.

While I have seen one review of the new 952 (it was of a pre-production model) in my monthly dead-tree magazines, a cursory web search hasn't revealed too much more than what can be found on the Norton homepage. More updates as they become available.

The new Commando is indeed an awesome bike. I'm loving the fact that Cafe Racers have made a come back with Ducati and Triumph releasing Sport Classic ranges. Hopefully we'll see more coming out this year!
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