Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I Thought I Had Seen It All...

A couple of nights ago I was headed home and saw one of the wildest things I've ever seen on the road. I was headed south towards the interstate on Airways (a big six-lane job) and all of a sudden here comes a disembodied wheel rolling towards me through the turn lane! The wheel was on a collision course with my bike as far as I could tell, but thankfully it was rolling slowly enough that some good evasive maneuvering would get me around it without any problems.

A quick look over both shoulders gave me my escape route, and a quick lane change from the middle lane to the right lane took me around the wheel before it had a chance to knock me off the bike. The biggest danger I faced after that was trying to pay attention to the road while I was doubled over laughing at 50 mph.

Thank God the weather was nice, the lighting on Airways was such that I could see the wheel, and the traffic was such that I had an escape route I could use. I should know better than ever thinking I've seen it all. This was a good reminder that I haven't seen it all, and never will.

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