Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Do More Ridin'

A few years ago, I saw a sidebar in an Aerostitch catalog called "Top Ten Ways To Do More Ridin'" The thing that stuck out to me the most was a phrase in Number Seven:
Get a ‘beater’ motorcycle. Or make your bike into one. True beaters can be interesting and fun to ride and don’t attract vandals or thiefs. TT500’s, Ascot’s, Sabres, Interceptors, Titans, GS’s, /5’s, etc... Like blue jeans, most cycles are better when they show some wear. (Too much bike polishing leads to idolatry. Moses shatters the original 10 commandments...)
(Emphasis mine). Not that my Concours is a beater bike, but I've made a point over the years with both my CB750 and with my Connie to not clean the bikes up too often. When someone mentions that the Connie may need a wash, I always reply, "Too much polishing leads to idolatry. I care more about riding than the cleaning." (To which a 5 year old recently replied, "I've never heard of bulolatry.")

My point is that I don't ever want to become so attached to any one motorcycle or marquee that it becomes more important to me than enjoying motorcycling. If motorcycling is the proverbial end, any particular motorcycle is simply the means to that end.

I think that the majority of motorcyclists understand this idea, even if they wouldn't phrase it the same way. It's the portion of our community that doesn't understand this concept that refuses to wave to you when you're on a motorcycle they and their buddies don't approve of.

We've all got our knees in the wind. I think that's all that should matter. Hey, put down that chrome polish, spray cleaner, and tire brush. Let's go ride!

UPDATE: Hmmm, maybe I spoke too soon.

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