Wednesday, May 25, 2005

2005 Suzuki SV650 Review

One of my favorite naked bikes on the streets right now is the Suzuki SV650. has a review of the 2005 model that's well worth the read.
It’s quick, nimble, and precise, making the SV as good as any entry-level bike out there - and a number of the mid-range bikes too. In-city maneuverability had me confidently whipping the SV650 through traffic before the tires were fully scrubbed – agile and questionably legal traffic filtering fun. The SV650N seduced me again. All this handling joy is, in large part, thanks to a short chassis, the small Dunlop Sportmax 120/60ZR17 in front, and narrow 160/60ZR17 rear. When it comes down to real riding, the little bike is a gas; quick to turn in, light and flick-able strafing runs of the twisties are as irresistible as a free shooter. The upright sitting position and ergos give one good leverage against the bars, making the naked SV650 exceptionally easy to ride.
Visit the Suzuki page for more info. With sub-$6,000 MSRP, it seems you get quite a lot for your money. If I could afford a stable full of good bikes, this would certainly be one of them.

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