Saturday, December 04, 2004

Harley Davidson Stands For...
Wow. This guy is peeved.
I don't think that we've seen any innovation from Milwaukee for sixty years now. If Japan, Italy, and Germany did product development the same way that Harley Davidson does, there wouldn't be Honda, Ducati, or BMW bikes. There wouldn't be VCRs, mini-TVs, or Sony Walkmans. We'd all still be listening to wind up phonographs and watching black and white TV through vacuum tubes. And we'd be paying thousands of dollars for it and each one would be named "American Heritage Edition FGXLR TV" or something equally lame.

But they would be nostalgic.
Read it all. He makes some very good, very valid points.

Personally, I love Harley Davidson motorcycles, but I don't think I'd every buy one. Why? Because they are overpriced, underpowered, and unreliable. It breaks my heart, no sarcasm intended.

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