Thursday, November 11, 2004

I Can't Believe It Finally Happened
All of the women in my life told me it would come to this, but I always refused to listen. "Sort your laundry!", they would say, and I would scoff at their advice. Look, I've been jamming every piece of dirty clothing I own into any washer that would accept them for years, and I've never had a problem

Pride comes before a what? The best laid plans of who?

Earlier this year my Mom and my sister went to Europe on vacation. They brought me back a great t-shirt from Italy. It said, "Ciao-Ciao" across the front in the famous Coca-Cola font, and it was bright red. Bright red.

So tonight, like always, It threw all of the dirty laundry I had into the same load. I threw whites in the wash with blacks and boxers in with dish towels, all in the same machine with the bright red Italian t-shirt.

You can imagine what I found when I came back to the machine to put my clothes in the dryer. Everything that was white had a nice pink hue to it. It wasn't that great of a loss, mostly socks and undershirts got the worst of it, but I did lose my Cars Suck t-shirt in the fiasco.

It was a good lesson learned, I had a good laugh at my own expense, and now I have a good excuse to go on an Aerostitch shopping spree.

I guess all those ladies were right after all.

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