Wednesday, February 05, 2003

MD does Aprilia
Motorcycle Daily reviews the 2003 Aprilia RSV Mille R. Their review makes me wish I had $18G for an Italian bike.
Let's face it, a bike like the Mille R is not for commuting to work. It is a stallion. You polish it, stare at it in your garage for countless hours, and ride it for pleasure. You also use it to measure and expand your own riding abilities . . . the same way you would measure and expand your driving abilities if you owned a Ferrari or Porsche.

The Mille R is more a work of art than a transportation device. It is intended to be Aprilia's ultimate expression of its engineering and racing experience, with street-legal lights and emissions equipment added on as an afterthought.

A stallion it is, but the 2003 Aprilia Mille R is an extremely well-trained stallion. When you ride the bike, it is predictable and, at the same time, highly responsive to your inputs.
Hey, watch that drool on the keyboard.

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