Thursday, February 13, 2003

Fight Terrorism, Ride a Bike!
Gas prices are rising rapidly. I'm guessing they'll continue to go up for a while, plateau, then come down to a price 10-15% higher than they were two or three weeks ago. What better reason to ride a motorcycle?

As soon as I started riding on a daily basis, I cut my gas budget by 2/3. That's a lot of money I'm saving, and that's a lot of gas I'm not using. In fact, if SUV drivers, drug dealers, and drug users are "funding terror" (yeah, suuuuure), then motorcyclists are proactively fighting terrorism by using significantly less gasoline than anyone else on the road! Boy does it feel good to give Osama a big kick in the ass every time I start my bike up.

Next time you see a motorcyclist riding down the road, kicking Saddam's ass by not using his filthy gasoline, get out of his way (so that he can get where he's going faster and use less of that evil gas), wave, smile, and cheer your patriotic brother-in-arms, and make plans to get yourself a nice, shiny, new, terrorism fighting motorcycle as soon as you can.

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