Tuesday, February 04, 2003

AMA 1, Sen. Hurt 0
Congrats to the AMA for organizing a protest against New Mexico State Senator Allen Hurt's Senate Bill 239. The bill would have forced motorcyclists who died under specific circumstances to become organ donors whether they had signed an organ donor card or not (read the AMA Jan. 30 report here).
Hurt's bill, designated Senate Bill 239, specifically states that: "a person operating a motorcycle without a helmet and who, as the result of an accident, is pronounced brain dead pursuant to Section 12-2-4 NMSA 1978 by a licensed physician shall become an organ donor regardless of whether the person made an anatomical gift by completing the organ donor statement…"
The AMA is reporting today that the bill has been withdrawn, largely due to the volume of e-mail generated by the AMA's Rapid Response program.

Thanks to the AMA, and shame on Sen. Hurt.

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