Thursday, July 21, 2005

Honda Going Hydrogen

For those of you interested in alternative fuels and motorcycles, Honda announced yesterday that they are going ahead with plans to produce hydrogen powered motorcycles.
By 2009, the company expects to be leasing fuel cell-powered motorcycles, and is also looking to boost the overall efficiency of its hybrid systems during that time by combining it with more efficient engines.

Honda is also looking to maintain its position as a leader in the development of fuel cell technology in the coming years.

News of the fuel cell motorcycles initiative came as the company announced its expectations for the coming months and years.

thats great that honda is goin to produce a hydrogen bike, if the performace matches up with the gas engine im up for it but there is something to consider. What is it gonna sound like, lets just hope it sounds nothing like a air conditioner
I also read in an article for Motorcycle Parts Trade that these hydrogen-powered motorcycles are pollution free. Its price might dangle between $8,500 - $6,000. I'm all for trying it, even if they say that curiosity kills the cat...
so what's the most recent about this hydrogen-powered motorcycles already??? This technology's quite exciting but of course first we must know the updates
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This is all good im always up for techno stuff and ideas, hope it sounds like a jet fighter.
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